Bryn cocked his head slightly, carefully considering the plump, ruddy-faced man before him.  Galen’s offer was intriguing because of the seeming discontinuity between quest and employer.  What was his intent in openly requesting ingredients used in a forbidden ritual?  Was there a dark side to him that Bryn hadn’t perceived?  Was he working for a greater power, perhaps not even realizing the significance of the objects he sought?  The curiosity was too much for Bryn, and with a sharp nod he acquiesced.  “It shall be done.  How do I get there?”

Pandamancer offers adventures for Fifth Edition, and we will soon have Pathfinder modules available for download!  Most of them are suitable for 1-2 play sessions, and come to a satisfying conclusion.  They can be used as stand-alone modules, or easily adapted to fit into a larger campaign in the setting of your choice.  See below for our available modules!  Try them out and let us know what you think!


adventure-climb-conifer-640781 (1).jpg

Storm on Brightwood Trace

1st level, 5e

A simple quest to track down a group of bandits goes awry when a disastrous storm blows in.  Players will have to use their wits, creativity, and strength to survive this perilous adventure through an untamed coastal mountain range.  With elements of survival, combat, and investigation, Storm on Brightwood Trace is sure to delight and intrigue players and GMs alike. This module is intended for a 1st-level party, and should take 4-6 hours to complete.  It includes a detailed, full-color map and an awesome new magic item.

5e – pay what you want!

Blue sparkle forest for Lilyvale

The Haunting at Lilyvale

2nd level, 5e/PF2

Immerse yourself in the peaceful town of Lilyvale on the banks of a dried-up river.  Meet the townsfolk and investigate a series of unexplained phenomena.  Using your wit, skill, and prowess, will you be able to solve the mystery?  With combat, social interaction, investigation, and a little bit of humor, The Haunting at Lilyvale is a great one-off adventure that could also easily be inserted into an ongoing campaign.  It’s geared towards a party of level 2 adventurers, and should take 4-6 hours from start to finish.  The Haunting at Lilyvale includes a full-color map, two monster stat blocks, a new magic item, and original illustrations by Anna Gibbons.

Available for 5e – pay what you want!

Available for Pathfinder 2 – pay what you want!

wolf forest mist cover

Percival’s Propitious Pairings

3rd level, 5e

Calling all hopeless romantics! Percival’s Propitious Pairings is now hiring! Ah, but what is this business, you ask? Dear friend, it is merely matchmaking…with a twist. Let us consult some of our most vocal supporters, and former clients.

“Percival’s Propitious Pairings helped me overcome my propensity to shapeshift mid-date, and now I’ve been going steady with Caroline for two years!” -Egmund, werewolf

“I used to think nothing could sate my thirst for the blood of mortals…but then I met Trevor through PPP.” -Agarthwyn, vampire

“Sssss ss ssssss tstststssss sssss. Tssss sstsstsst, ss ssssss stsssts!” -Szzsststsyzts, basilisk

There you have it! There are more lives in need of changing, and you can provide much-needed support when you join the team at Percival’s Propitious Pairings. Apply today!

This level 3 adventure tasks the players with arranging the perfect date for an unlikely couple while battling such obstacles as belligerent beach bums, roving werewolf packs, and snooty aristocrats. It’s a delightful, light-hearted romp that should take your group 2-3 hours to complete. Percival’s Propitious Pairings includes original character art by the author, two monster stat blocks, and a magic item.

Available for 5e – pay what you want!

elwes photo site

The Elwes Incident

3rd – 4th level, 5e

An old wealthy attorney, Ian Elwes, is haunted by a fearsome devil on the eve of the Winter Solstice festival. You are asked by the adventurer’s guild to investigate and, if possible, to exorcise this grave threat. Unbeknownst to the guild or the man himself, Elwes has gained the attention of two powerful spellcasters who hope to bend him to their will. Nothing is as it seems in this whimsical one-shot parody of a Christmas classic. Humor, combat, roleplay, literary allusions, and mystery collide in this short seasonal adventure.

The Elwes Incident provides very challenging combat encounters for a 3rd-level party, or a more relaxed experience for a 4th-level group. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Available for 5e – pay what you want!

Glowing flowers for Moonlit

In Moonlight Glows

4th level, 5e

Discover a remote mountain temple to an all-but-forgotten goddess in this exciting module.  A suspicious merchant seeks adventurers to bring him an extremely rare and potentially dangerous object from this temple – but can he be trusted?  This one-off adventure is intended for a party of 4th-level characters.  It has elements of mystery, social interaction, puzzle-solving, and combat.  As either a standalone adventure or a side quest in a larger campaign, your players will enjoy discovering the truth behind this strange request.  Expect the module to take 4-6 hours to complete.  By Moonlight Glows includes a full-color map and a few exciting new magic items.

Available for 5e – pay what you want!


The Debacle of the Burgled Budgie

5th level, 5e

Who in the world would steal a Budgie? Although folks find it far-fetched, an eccentric aristocrat believes a budgie-burglar is behind the baleful birdnapping! When the guards don’t have time for her outlandish claims, they summon the PCs to investigate this strange crime. Your players will surely enjoy sussing out the truth about the absent avian!

Originally streamed on Arcane Investigations, The Debacle of the Burgled Budgie is a level 5 one-shot mystery featuring a cast of colorful characters and a splash of exciting combat.

“It was clear that Anna had created a rich sandbox for us to play in. You will enjoy every moment as the mystery unfolds.” Josh Ogilvie, DieRolling UK

Available for 5e

Monster for Child of Silence

Child of Silence

8th level, PF2

An orphan boy is struck mute by ancient magic.  Demonic forces guard a warded tomb.  Can you outlast the demonic horde, brave the dangers of the tomb, and free the lad from his curse?  Explore the beautiful, detailed coastal city of Cantovar in this forthcoming adventure from Pandamancer.

Available for Pathfinder 2