Eydan’s eyes flashed to and fro, panic slowly but surely welling up in his chest.  He had nimbly dodged the brunt of the boulder’s weight, but now his leg was crushed between the massive rock and the cliff face.  He was trapped.  Taking a couple of deep breaths, he regained his composure and began to think.  Think!  Suddenly, he became aware of a faint sound in the twilight – a rustling of leaves.  Eydan squinted, trying to find the sound’s source, and an idea dawned.  A moment later, a flame sprang to life atop the druid’s hand, and by its flickering glow he spotted a small red panda foraging among the fallen bamboo leaves at the forest’s edge.  He breathed a sigh of relief and spoke a brief incantation.  “Friend, you have come to me in a fortuitous moment.  Run swiftly to Tasfell and find Ava!  Tell her that I’m trapped in the gorge, and that she should bring some of that spiced brandy, because I really need a drink.”  Chirruping quietly, the adorable creature waddled in the direction of the village, and Eydan smiled slightly.  As the flame above his hand winked out, he sighed wearily into the encroaching darkness.  Hopefully help would come soon.


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