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The Vineholt Saber!  After a month-long voyage and seemingly endless dead ends, Bryn had finally found it!  Its gently-curved blade, delicately suspended in a tangle of creeper vines, glinted in the torch-light.  Bryn drew his dagger and made quick work of the vines, freeing the elegant sword from its bonds.  With a self-satisfied smirk he seized the hilt, enjoying the feeling of the supple leather wrap, cool against his palm.  Suddenly, a red glow in his peripheral vision.  A grinding sound.  Faltering self-confidence.  How could he have missed such an obvious trap?  With a sigh, he took stock of his surroundings and prepared to fight.

In addition to adventure modules, we write a variety of additional content for Pathfinder and Fifth Edition!  We strive to create balanced, innovative content that’s fun from both a mechanical and a roleplay perspective.  We are confident that players and GMs alike will enjoy our spells, items, monsters, and classes.  Grab one today and let us know how it goes!

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5th Edition:

Magic Items:

Check out Annamancer’s fun collection of wonderful magic items!  GMs and players alike will enjoy A Fistful of Fortunate Finds.

For awesome unique weapons with awe-inspiring special abilities, grab Unique Weapons, part I!


Try out our brand new Paladin subclass, Oath of Inquisition!  Hunt down spellcasters and stop them in their tracks.  Nobody will expect it!

Do you like physics but also magic?  If so, then Sorcerous Origin: Quantum Anomaly is for you.

Do you like whimsy, in-jokes, unicorns, and also magic?  If so, then Arcane Tradition: Unicorn is your ticket to unmitigated awesomeness.

Pathfinder 2:

COMING SOON: A compendium of races for Pathfinder 2!  Will include Tiefling, Aasimar, and a couple of additional options!  They will be balanced, fully-fleshed out, and fun.  Check back soon!