A warm breeze whistled through the ravine as Spagrag surveyed his domain.  The last of the evening’s light slanted from the west, casting deep shadows on the opposite side of the gorge.  From the entrance of the tunnel, he couldn’t see the human village up above, but he could imagine it: full of shinies and ripe for the plucking.  With a mischievous grin, he stood, brushed the dust off his wizard robe, and patted his giant lizard on the snout.  “It’s almost our time, Cruncher!  You’ll see.  Soon enough!”  With a giddy laugh, he withdrew a shiny silver wand from his robe and spoke a guttural phrase.  Three gently shimmering orbs of light sprang into existence, floating and twirling around the tunnel’s entrance.  As they rose into the air above the ravine, Spagrag turned and began the slow, winding journey back to the warren, his thoughts turning to supper.

We’re making progress on our new campaign setting!  Cantovar is a detailed coastal city built on a long-uninhabited continent full of wild, beautiful frontier, ancient ruins, and mysteries lost to time.

We’re also working on a region guide, including an all-new pantheon, several cultures spread across multiple continents, and a corpus of new classes, monsters, and spells to accompany the region.

Check back here for more updates as they become available!