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Otherworldly Patron: The Great Pumpkin

by Anna G.

Well friends, it’s pumpkin season once again, and we all know what that means.

No, wait! Put away those scythes and trowels. What I meant was, it’s Fall! Halloween, specifically. And as we all know, Halloween comes bundled with a variety of treats, tricks, and festivities including hay rides, pumpkin carving, and haunted houses! But of course, the most important event occurs after nightfall. A grand event, eagerly anticipated by people of all ages, most of them dressed in clothing that is interesting, to say the least. The atmosphere is heavy with arcane mystery and dripping with magical potential.

I’m speaking, of course, about the coming of the Great Pumpkin.

Yes, soon the Good Gourd himself will arise from his chosen pumpkin patch and travel around the world, bestowing his gifts upon those who are worthy. But perhaps you are asking yourself, “Am I worthy?” and “What gifts does the Great Pumpkin bestow?” and “A flying pumpkin? I hope it’s more maneuverable than Rudolph…or at least has better liability insurance.”

Well friends, good news. I have devoted my life to the study of the Great Pumpkin, and have compiled my knowledge into an easily digestible format. Read on to discover how the Great Pumpkin can benefit you!***

***If he so chooses. Blessing by the Great Pumpkin is not guaranteed. Further terms and conditions may apply.

The Great Pumpkin
wants YOU

In order to enter an accord with the Great Pumpkin and receive his blessings, you must be a Warlock. The Goodly Gourd himself will be your patron, bestowing upon you many arcane and wondrous powers that bear his squash-like mark. These include an expanded spell list and unique powers that other warlocks can only be jealous of.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of becoming a Great Pumpkin warlock is the battlefield control. A class feature you gain immediately is Patch Walker, a seemingly impotent ability that allows you to travel unimpeded through difficult terrain caused by pumpkin patches. But, you might be thinking, how often does one run into pumpkin patches over the course of an adventure? Less frequently than quicksand, probably.

However! This is not the case for Great Pumpkin warlocks. Many of the spells on your expanded spell list produce pumpkin patches that function as difficult terrain for everyone…except you! You can wall off your enemies and phase through the tangle of vines, or ensnare them from below while you caper about, just out of range.

In addition to physically changing the terrain around you, you’ll be able to summon scions of the Great Pumpkin in battle, perform Pumpkin Carols, and even fly! But perhaps your greatest ability is turning your enemy’s attack into their downfall. When you are damaged by a spell or physical attack, you’ll be able to use your reaction to try and transmogrify your opponent into a harmless little pumpkin! Take that, Big Bad Evil Guy!

So you wish to walk the Pumpkin Path yourself now, eh? Well good news! A full PDF of all you need to know about the Great Pumpkin is now available here! Give it a try and let us know what you think.