VRTX VTuber Convention

VRTX is the first VTuber fan convention held entirely in Virtual Reality. VRTX will bring together the global VTuber community in a virtual 3D venue crafted to facilitate interactive and personal experiences shared between VTubers, fans, and future fans.

VRTX offers a unique opportunity for VTubers to interact with fans and friends as their VTuber persona, participating in convention favorites such as games, performances, autograph signings, meet and greet sessions, and tournaments. Fans can attend the convention either using a commercial VR headset, or through a traditional PC client. VRTX will be a full featured convention, comprising three main sections:

  • The Main Hall, which will have panel stages, music, contests and competitions, and other live entertainment
  • The Exhibition Hall, an area that is free to the public, where VTubers create exhibits for display including materials such as introductory videos, highlight clips, or digital goods for sale.
  • The Con-VR-sation Hall, which will facilitate interactions between VTubers and fans, including digital autograph signing, meet & greet sessions, interactive games and other small group activities.

While we have a lot of great ideas for this convention, we’re excited to hear your ideas as well! We intend VRTX to be a convention by fans, for fans, designed in partnership with the VTuber community. Once the Kickstarter succeeds, our team will be consulting our backers through polls and online discussions to help determine what events, contests, and features to create, as well as which guests you would like to see invited, and the theming for this year’s convention. Look forward to an invitation to our backer-exclusive discord channel, where we will be eagerly awaiting your ideas. If you want to contribute to the design earlier, please consider taking our pre-launch survey.

By donating to this campaign, you are helping to create a space for VTubers and VTuber fans to meet and interact in a way that’s never been done on this scale. To make this happen, we will need the support of the whole community. If this sounds exciting to you, then please share it with your friends and post about it on social media.

The Venue

VRTX will be held in a custom designed virtual reality convention center. The theming and decorations for the convention will be determined in consultation with the community. Popular ideas thus far include a Japanese festival, V-tubers around the world, and Vaporwave. After connecting to the convention, attendees will first appear in the Entry Hall, a central nexus decorated to welcome guests. This area will offer onsite registration, information and schedules, and the entrances to the other areas of the convention, as well as an interactive exhibit recognizing our backers and sponsors.

The Main Hall

The Main Hall will feature two or more main stages filled with amazing content like guest panels, concerts, and live entertainment. There will also be meet & greet and autograph sessions with invited guests, as well as tournaments, contests, and activities throughout the convention. All VTubers who register as exhibitors or panelists will have access to a VTuber exclusive hangout area.

The Con-VR-sation Hall

The Con-VR-sation Hall will offer intimate spaces designed for small to medium scale VTubers to directly interact with their fans. Rooms will be equipped with games and other audience participation activities that the VTuber can activate, as well as photo booths and systems for virtual handshake sessions, digital autograph signing, and digital merchandise sales. Fans of VTubers can browse the Hall, looking for a room that interests them or proceed directly to their favorite VTuber’s room.

Our moderation and tech support teams will be on call to assist VTubers as necessary. Active VTubers can register for one to three hour time slots in a room, and each VTuber may register for one time slot per day. For VTubers who prefer a less structured atmosphere to meet with their fans, free meetup rooms will be available either here or in the Main Hall.

The Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall will be free and open to the public, with no registration required to enter (unless constrained by server capacity). The Exhibition Hall will feature booths for individual VTubers. These booths may feature pictures and/or short video of the streamer, digital products for sale, streaming schedules and information, and/or other materials. Active VTubers will be allowed to register for booths. Companies may be offered booths as long as they are directly related to VTubers, video games, Virtual Reality, or similar. Each individual VTuber may have one booth. The Exhibition Hall will be instanced, which will mostly preclude direct interaction with fans.

VRTX will be an incredible, feature-rich convention uniting the community to celebrate everything we love about VTubers, with amazing guests and fantastic content. We will need substantial support from the community to achieve these lofty ambitions, and we have set our Kickstarter goals accordingly. For this project to move forward, we will need a few thousand people to register for the convention. If you are excited by our project and want to see this event come to life, please share this information with your friends and associates in the VTuber community. With your help, we can make VRTX a unique and wonderful experience for VTubers and fans alike.

Meet the VRTX Team