Welcome to Pandamancer Games, home of Cantovar!  We write innovative, spellbinding stories and content for Pathfinder and Fifth Edition.  Check out our blog for new game features as well as immersive tales and lore from the City of Waves, and consider downloading one of our adventure modules to get inspired for your next session!

Thanks for stopping by, and may the Great Nameless One Who Fashioned the Seas light your way.

Our very own @annamancer has been working on a new, simplified character sheet for Pathfinder 2e!  Check it out, use it in an upcoming game, and let us know how it works for you!

Update: We’ve made improvements to the PF2 Character Sheet!  Now it has more space for spells, and an explanation of our Proficiency box system!  Check out the new version below.

Pandamancer Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet (revised!)

Pandamancer Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet (alpha)

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